One Leaden Soldier

I didn’t expect to get out much over the last few days, but I did squeeze in a 4 hour hunt today at a place I call “the shrine”, cause that’s where I found my 500th YTD silver coin in 2011.  I haven’t been back there in a while, cause all that is left is this huge middle section that seems ultra dead, but I did pull a gold ring and a copper out of this section in the past, and have never used the big unit there, so why not?

The thing about this site is that there is lots of high tone trash on the edges for some reason (its alot of copper scrap — not sure why it is here, never seen anything like it anywhere else), and not much low tone trash (not that constant din of foil and pulltabs like you get at a normal park), but there are alot of deep mid tones, so you can end up digging a little bit of different stuff rather than being singularly focused on that one sound we all know and love so well.

Which, sadly, I simply did not hear today.  One of the deep mid tones was a toasted 1888 IH (which actually doesn’t look too bad when wet in a close up pic (like so many other things in life), but of course we’d rather have a ’64 rosie).  It came in at CO 30 on the E-Trac.

The best find of the day, tho, was this leaden toy soldier (boy I love when you can drop into Middle English and legitimately inflect those adjectives; there are only a few you can still do that with — for homework, think of the others, or try learning a language where all adjectives are routinely inflected.  Yikes!  English speakers don’t realise how easy English is to learn to speak (English spelling, however, is a different kettle of fish)).  Anyway,  the toasted IH is there just for size reference; it would look slightly better in a close up pic (but not much). (As if my stubby fingers wouldn’t suffice for reference).

I don’t know how old the damn thing is.  I don’t usually get excited about relics, but this one is kinda cool (and, of course, if you are incapable of pulling silver on the day, you have to trump something up to make the hunt look cool; I’m sorry, abused IH’s just don’t cut it for me — I don’t care how old they are).

But, I like it.  I’ll try to find out how old it is, if I’m bored.  I rarely get relics, so it is certainly one of my better ones.  Just a couple of notes on it — at the end of the gun is what appears to be a sickle.  Also, it won’t stand up straight.  I don’t know if that is a manufacturing defect with its base, or years in the ground have warped the base.  Too bad.  Would look kinda cool standing on my office window.

2 thoughts on “One Leaden Soldier

  1. Its like a crescent, really. Whatever it is, its intentional. Maybe I’ll take a pic from the back, if I’m bored. I think I’m gonna put it on Ebay cause apparently people collect these things, and it don’t do me no good if it don’t stand up.

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