Back to yesterday’s site and pulled a 3rd silver coin from this site, a 62 rosie.  Sounded like silver, pulled it, looked like clad, rubbed the date, looked like 1969, rubbed again, looked like 1962.  Whohoo!  We’ll take it.  Silver coins are hard to find, especially at this place.

The trick to this place is slow and meticulous gridding (which, I believe, is the trick at most places).  But, I think the place is played out.  Its seated era old, but a challenge to pull even surface clad (except for that walker, which remains an unexplained anomaly), and besides, meticulous gridding is hideously boring at this place.  At least give me some deep, affected clad that sounds like silver to dig and gets the heart racing and all those other primal juices flowing.

FWIW, I’m overloaded with work and chores now, so the next post will likely be next week.   I guess the silver will have to wait.  Too bad.

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  1. Wow to find such a late silver so black with tarnish means your soil is crap! You have mentioned it many times but sometimes seeing is believing. I think I am spoiled with the soil here in Michigan…not that it is perfect.

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