Today’s Finds

Here’s today’s finds from the site of recent entries: a pair of silver coins, and one of those sterling “get laid” rings (sorry, I forget what they are actually called).

3 thoughts on “Today’s Finds

  1. You crack me up! I believe it is called “Hug and Kisses” style ring. And in the “Advanced Chick Handbook” it would get you just that, unless it had diamonds. :)

  2. The story I was told was that it had some sort of Celtic or Gaelic name, and if you wore it one way, you wanted some, and if you wore it the other way, you were already attached. Supposed to wear them at festivals and such. Dunno if it is true or not, just what I was told.

  3. You were told correctly, but prolly for the Claddagh Ring. Depends how you wear the heart. One way your heart is taken, one you are “available” for love. Similiar to the Hawiian signal of the flower tucked behind an ear. Although I will admit not up to date on the newer styles/versions/meanings. Enough of my inane knowledge. Have a good week!

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