Two Silvers Today

Wasn’t really into it today, for obvious reasons, but continued to grid out the park from recent entries, and managed to pull a pair of silver coins, and 4 wheaties.  Yesterday I pulled a rosie and a merc (no pic), and 12 wheaties, so it is definitely getting thinner, as expected, as we get farther and farther from the better part of the site.

Maybe I can add something of value here, and that is that I pulled 12 clad quarters, and only 3 clad dimes today.  These ratios are important (at least to me).  While we all cherrypick the quarters, and leave the dimes, I was leaving quarters as well, and don’t recall leaving too many dimes, so I think today’s ratio is true.  This skewed ratio tells me the problem isn’t “hunted out”, but “mineralization”, and that gives you the confidence to keep at it, manage channels diligently, and investigate every iffy signal, and hope you are lucky enough to hear a silver thru the noise rather than giving up.  Thinking about these things help you pull silver from supposedly “hunted out” sites, when perhaps that is not the proper diagnosis.  I hear it all the time “I guess you are not hunting parks anymore”, or words to that effect, and yeah, even I’ll hunt out all my sites over time, but I don’t think that is the best way to look at the problem.  Looking at the problem as an economist would might be the better approach, and might lead to an extra silver now and then.  Who knows?

Hope today’s tip was valuable.  I don’t think it was, but it works for me.  Hard to explain. I guess.

One thought on “Two Silvers Today

  1. I chuckle now when I read those types of comments specifically directed at you. They mean well, but they are definitely overlooking an opportunity to read between the lines (or not, sometimes the lesson is spelled out in plain sight) and learn how to up their game.

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