Morning Merc

Amazing that you can find a way to get out on weekends when you have a site that can only be hunted on weekends.  Well, I got out to last Saturday’s 5 silver site for a few hours early this morning, and scored a merc.  Not a great run rate (1 per 4 hours), but we’ll take it.

Trying to expand last Sat’s grid, and it was dead, went the other way, and that’s were she was, along with a handful of wheaties.  Beyond that, more dead.  Site has been pounded hard, so I am lucky I got what I got, and was struggling to even get clad.  Site is so huge, so it is hard to figure out how to play it, but it mostly seems dead.  The one nice thing, tho, is that I am getting quite a few deep old field tells, such as colonial era buckles, buttons, and other hardware.  The only coins I’m gonna hear at that depth are coppers or silver half dollars, and 200 year old silver half dollars just don’t happen (at least not to me).

One thought on “Morning Merc

  1. Was a beautiful day to get out. Glad you found some silver. You know I would love to see the buckles and hardware; that is more interesting to me even more than the silver. Sad to see the morning edits back. ;)

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