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So, back to the park of recent entries, which we figure to Farewell Farewell either today or tomorrow, and I work corner zone here, corner zone there, loose ends and all that jazz, and its sort of the Nothing of the All or Nothing thing — you know you aren’t gonna get anything, but you don’t know how you know (its almost a psychic bond with the earth, machine, universe, whatever, but economists don’t believe in that BS (but we want to know why)).

So, you come back, and decide to expand the main grid in the primary zone, which appeared dead a couple of days ago, with speculation about weak batteries, heat affecting the big unit coil, dry dirt, and so forth.   As much as I’d like to do science on this section, the batteries were fresh, temp was 25 degrees lower, and we had heavy rain last night.  Too bad.  I like science.  In any case, I’ll always charge the batteries every night now (used to be every 2 or 3 nights), but I can’t control the weather.  (As for science regarding the big unit vs the pro coil, its waiting for Godot on the hardware I need to make it hassle-free from these pain in the ass MD dealers who either don’t respond, or promise one thing and don’t deliver.  I guess they don’t want my business).

So, I guess I should get on to the actual finding of the silver, cause what else matters?  As it turns out, as I expanded the grid past the dead zone discussed in previous entries, I started pulling wheaties again, in fact, I pulled 7 of them without finding a single silver coin.  Are you kidding me?  Another ratio hit.

But, as much as I hate wheaties, they are nice tells, and keep the morale going, and eventually I got a 53 rosie.  Woohoo.  This was a hard one, it came in at 01-29, but had a tight pinpoint.  You dig it in open space, especially after a few wheaties, but you will never hear it in the trashy sections of a site (at least I won’t).  That may help explain part of the All or Nothing syndrome in some cases.  I only dug it cause I was desperate for a silver.  It was only 6 inches deep.  Welcome to the world of our variable mineralization.  This is where I have envy for those with that beautiful sandy loam clean non-mineralized soil who are digging dimes at 10 inches.

And on we go, a bouncy 12-46ish deep signal, which I knew was a silver before I dug it, but was surprised it was a 1908-O barber Q.  Sweet.  We’ll take it.  Its only my 9th barber Q, so it is quite a thrill.  A deep, iffy modern merc rounded out the the day.  All silvers were hard, deep (for this place_, and late in the day.  We’ll take em all, cause finding silver coins is hard, and, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do any more science to find out why.

This site is now at 30 silvers, most of them from a couple of years ago.  I don’t see it going above 32 or 33, based on what is left, even if I grid over previous areas with the big unit.  Its huge, but too many areas have  dudded.  I’d love to go over the area from the other day that dudded, with fresh batteries, cooler weather, and wet soil, in the name of science, but it the name of impatience, it ain’t gonna happen.  Too bad.  So, next week, when this site is closed, we’ll be once again scrambling to find a new site, or trying to breathe life into an old one.

2 thoughts on “Barber Silver

  1. Score! Barber Q is the one coin I have never found that I realistically should be able to do this year. I set non-complex goals.

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