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Back to my favorite silver municipality, which was really good for me in 2011, to try a new site, a very small, but old playground in a very old neighborhood.  Site completely dudded, not even a single wheatie.  Small sites rarely seem to work out for me, unless they are completely out of the box or excessively trashy, but one less than a quarter mile away gave up a barber Q and several other silvers in the past, so it was worth a try.

I gave up after a couple of hours, and hit my backup site, a 20 silver site that gave most of them up in the fall of 2011, with 3 last spring, and 1 a couple of months ago.  Its huge, but very thin, outside of a couple of specific zones I worked some time ago.

I still keep meticulous records of all my grids in case I ever go back (its not an exact science; I have to pace them off from landmarks, and this site doesn’t have many), but I set up to expand my grid, and managed to pull 4 modern silver coins (the oldest a 1926 dime), and 6 wheaties.  All were deep.

I was only here for less than 2 hours, and this has never been a 2 per hour site, at least not since the early days, and prolly not even then.  Both rosies, however, were in the same hole, so it is really 3 events.  But hey, I guess I’ll work it some more this week, and see how it goes.

I will say that this could be about the big unit.  All the silvers found at this site before this year were found with the pro coil, and I always felt this site was meant for a bigger coil, given that most of the old coins in the past seemed right at the edge of the pro coil’s range, and its a very clean, sparse site.  While today’s coins were deep, I was hitting them well.  We’ll see how it goes the rest of the week (I don’t really have any other site in development right now anyway, tho plenty to work on closing out that are not promising).  I may even consider gridding out the hotter sections I did with the pro coil, tho that will take forever, and has had mixed results at previous sites where I’ve tried it.

The good news is that this site is now at 24 silvers.  Once a site gets above 21, it almost always jumps to the high 30s (only one exception), and usually makes it to honeyhole status.  I wonder why?  Its that All or Nothing thing again.  I think I get the killer instinct at this point — I feel it now, tho I never saw this as more than a high teens site in the past.  Amazing what a different coil (or different machine), could possibly due to breathe new life into a site.

The other good news is that I saw 82 on my car thermometer today.  Are you kidding me?  Maybe even warmer the rest of the week.  Finally.  Bring it on.  Now we need rain — ground is parched for the first inch, but damp below that.  Grass is still very short, unlike this time last year.  That’s worth an inch, and can also be a factor at better success at this site.  Given how everything seemed on the edge of detectability here in the past, a note to myself to possibly regrid when the grass is this short (don’t think I’ll be able to do that this year before it grows).

All cleaned up, a couple more 61 dimes for the pile, just like Saturday –

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  1. We are expecting 6-12 inches of snow this week and the frost is not out of the ground. I got desperate this weekend and hunted in the slop on sandy ground and found it digable in spots. The site was an old house I found on the 1938 aerials, no sign of it now. Pulled GPS coordinates off Google earth overlay and it was spot-on. I could not even get a threshold, it was like they ground up the house and spread it over the entire half acre. I’ve got spots researched and permissioned, but I won’t dig until the ground thaws and dries out. I like reading about the big coil successes, because at least two of my better sites fit the bill, relatively clean ground, history of deep coins, always figured there had to be more (i.e. 3-to-1 ratio of silver quarters to silver dimes, but at 8 inches deep, likely missed dimes with stock coil).

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