Third Site’s a Charm

Back to the honeyhole to work on one of the two remaining small zones, the first of which gave up a wheatie spill last week, but I had no other intel on it.  A couple of wheats in there today, but no other good tells, and it didn’t have the best sound.  It was cold, and the wind was biting (this is an exposed site, and its always biting, but biting less when the silver is flying).

As much as I would have loved to remain to clean up this section, I decided to cut my losses and head for a nearby site which is more protected from the wind.  Before doing so, I pulled a pocket watch, too bad its base metal.

The second site was where I found just my 12th career silver, way back in the fall of 2009, and I have not been back since.  Its a 50s park in a very old town, so its a mixed bag of expectations.  I’m not sure if my expectations were dashed or not, but it was quiet as a church mouse — not even a wheatie, and I did all the right things, like working the edges, out of the box sections, and so forth.  Obviously not the right things today.

Decided to go home, but that takes me past another old site, a site I’ve hit many times, but have only a rosie to show for it, which I found in 2010.  Everyone claims its hunted out, but its too big to be hunted out.  Its true its hard to find silver here, at least for me, but I’ve always felt the problem was that the mineralization was too extreme, not that there isn’t silver there.  I’ve never had good luck here either, but this was my first hunt at the site with the big unit, and I pulled a merc and a wheatie in the 45 minutes I had.

If I can make this site sing with the big unit, that would be awesome, cause it looks like a 50-100 site, but I’m not too optimistic on that score.  This is my 5th or 6th hunt there, with just two dimes.

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