Gallery Programming Project

Took advantage of the down time from the bad weather and being sick (the former which seems to be ongoing indefinitely; the latter mostly passed) to finally do a programming project that was on my list, my gallery of finds from 2012 on.  (Its also under the Galleries menu above).

The idea is that when I make a post, the pics automatically get loaded into the gallery (so long as they silvers, more or less).  Hopefully it works, and hopefully I’ll be finding some more silver to test it on an ongoing basis, we’ll see.

It was a pain in the ass, and took way longer than I expected it to (3 days).  But what’s done is done.  Prolly infinitely many bugs, including not working on browsers other than mine (and certainly not on mobile devices, cause I don’t even have a mobile device, and who’s gonna dial up my finds on their iPhone anyway?), but letterboxers who view my site are used to that :)

All the pics are on one page.  But, I like the impact of seeing all the silver at once.  Its my site, after all, so bring a hispeed connection.  TODO tho may be to break it into years, especially if I import my pre 2012 gallery that is still on FMDF.  TODO is to also put my best finds in a Gallery format.  That could look cool.

So, one thing that was kinda sad — I had to read thru alot of my old entries as part of this project, and aside from the fact that I didn’t take a pic of every silver I found (too bad, cause each is hard fought, and it would make the gallery even bigger), was that this time last year I was writing about how the grass was growing too thick to detect at the site I was working. No such luck this year, as the weather remains cold and miserable, with no prospect of improvement in the foreseeable future.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get out this week anyway, assuming the current snow doesn’t amount to anything, we’ll see.

In any case, feel free, if you see an obvious bug in the gallery using a browser I’m likely to have, to drop me a note.

3 thoughts on “Gallery Programming Project

  1. I do not have internet at home since I live out in the boonies, so the only way to view your blog is on my work iPhone and I can see all the pics. Wow that is a lot of silver!

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