Miserable Week

What a miserable week.  I got sick with some sort of fever, cough, sore throat kinda thing.  Went out anyway on Wednesday to my honeyhole, in the gray, cold, chill wind, and was skunked again.  Cleaning up loose ends at the site, and trying to expand a couple more directions from the hot zone that was giving up 2 per hour back a month ago or whenever it was.  Hard to believe, just 30 feet away, I couldn’t even get good tells.  The direction into the field seems played, and while I was getting good tells in some of the loose end sections, no silver.  It was a miserable day.

I couldn’t bring myself to get out Thursday, as the wind was even worse, and I was even sicker, but I did get out today, even tho I am still sick, and got more of the same.  Bupkis.  The site seems played.  Too bad, cause finding new sites can be a struggle.

But I did something I haven’t done much before, and that was to start regridding the hottest zone after I had already covered it fairly thoroughly (at least in my mind).  And I got one.  Gotta do a pic with the dirt on cause even I don’t believe I dug it.  First silver coin since last week.  It was deep and iffy.

What I did on the regrid was grid diagonally.  Most people grid parallel/perpendicular to the edge of the site, but going diagonally may be a good idea, especially if you know it has already been gridded out at traditional right angles.  I didn’t do much of it, so I may regrid the entire hot zone on diagonals very carefully next week.

In addition, there are two other sections I have not spent much time in, and one gave up a wheatie spill during a quick prospecting run.  That said, I don’t think these sections are very promising (which is why I’ve left them to last).  I’ve closed off all of the other paradigms, so this honeyhole is just about played.  Looks like a 61-65 silver site.  Its just the strangest site, with a really hot patch, a traditional density patch just one direction from it, and then huge absolute dead zones right next to it where it should be promising.  Some may have been filled, but old trees and roots in others suggest that that is not the whole story.  Who knows?

One silver this week, I was sick, it was cold, and the honeyhole played out a bit sooner than I had hoped.  What a joy. Hopefully next week will be better.

So, lets see that beautiful rosie all shiny’ed up.  They are exciting, especially if you only get one once a week.

2 thoughts on “Miserable Week

  1. Well. there is a purpose to the edits, as I’m trying to test all sorts of stuff, but hopefully there won’t be much more of it going forward. This project has taken much longer than I wanted it to, and I have to move onto other things.

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