Skunked Again

Back to my honeyhole today, no coil issues, no cops telling me about my competition sneaking onto private historical properties (which, if you think about it, is actually a good thing, cause they ain’t at my prospective sites), plenty of iron falses, no bad stream of consciousness writing (at least we hope not), and worst of all, no silver.  I had to endure the silverless drive of shame home, as they call it over on American Detectorist.

Did pull a 1901 IH and 6 wheaties, the oldest being a 1910.  I know some people feel pulling an IH isn’t being skunked, but we all know how I feel about them.  This one is actually one of the better ones I’ve pulled, tho.

So now I have a huge site that appears to have stopped producing — just 1 silver in the past 8 hours, and we really like to be at 1 per 2 hours at worst to continue with a site  — but this site has been so good to me, so I think we have to consider giving it a few more tries.  The direction I’m going in seems pretty played out (tho I didn’t even make it to the road bed yet), but there are plenty of other sections.

Its now back to either prospecting mode here, or trying to find another site.  I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

One thought on “Skunked Again

  1. You will find more silver there, knowing you, some pockets of 5 or 10 here and there. The old wheats and Indian should be encouraging?

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