Silver Quarter Today

Pulled a silver Q out of the loose end section from yesterday.  It was in the hole with a huge chunk of high tone sheet metal.  How I heard it, I have no clue.  More likely, I heard the sheet metal, and simply got lucky.

This is the 60th silver pulled from this site.  Are you kidding me?  That’s alot, as these things go.  Next stop is at 65, which would tie it as my 4th best site.  Next named level, “Monster Site” is at 100 silvers (good luck on that one, tho I’ve had 2 sites get to that level).  I never figured this as a 60 silver site, and given that I’ve only covered 30% of the area so far, who knows how far it could go.  You just get the sense, however, that each hunt will be the last to produce, yet each one produces as you move into presumably less and less likely areas.

But, the Q was right on the edge of the presumably filled area.  What if I’m wrong about it being filled?  If I am, there’s 50 silvers in there.  But I’m not.  There’s two at best on the fringe, and that’s it.  But I’m gonna waste a day trying to make that putative filled area produce.

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