Back to the Honeyhole Again

Its nice to have a presumed honeyhole in your back pocket, as this month, while there have been quite a few silvers, has seemed slow, and a proven honeyhole is a nice slump breaker and morale booster.

But the site gave up only two dimes, which certainly isn’t bad; we’ll take ‘em, but all things must pass.

Gets me thinking about the non-sustainability of this hobby again.  With hunting and fishing, it always regenerates.  People are always planting letterboxes.  Even orienteering people are always setting new courses (but rarely coming up with new, interesting venues, and letting quality decline while charging more for the lessened experience).

But silvers don’t regenerate.  Hunted to extinction is hunted to extinction.  Will bigger, deeper machines come along and save the day?  Won’t help much in this area, as mineralization and bedrock limit the effective depth coins can be found. Does the “freeze/thaw” cycle push coins around as some claim?  I don’t think so; sounds pretty wacky, but even so, there can’t be a huge source of sustainability from that.  Feeling a bit sad about it today.

(Also yesterday pulled a dime from an urban site that I never thought had much potential, but wanted to check it out. Looks like someone beat me to the site by a day; saw their plugs everywhere.  Wonder what they found?).

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