Today’s Hunt

40 degrees and a fierce chill wind.  I shouldn’t have gone out, but I needed a shiny fix.  Despite wearing 7 layers, it was still miserable, but I toughed it out.  Not the best decision of my life, but what’s done is done.  At least I am able to hunt, and we have to look at the positive.

And it wasn’t a bad hunt — I pulled 2 dimes, 11 wheaties (the oldest, one of the abused greenie meanies, being a 1913), and another abused Chester County IH (on the right — as near as I can tell, its from either the 1800s or the 1900s, but who knows? :)   I do know that it has a 1 in the date; unlike most IH’s I pull :) ).  Also pulled a sterling silver pinkie ring.

As for the site, it seems to be thinning on clad, but today produced alot of wheaties, more than usual, it seems.  Too bad the silver didn’t keep up with the normal ratios on the wheaties.  Still no field tells, other than the IH and the greenie meenies (I’d like to see one buckle or button or somesuch to think I have hope for a big fish here).  Site has now given up 55 silver coins, which ties it with my 5th best site all time (that would be the one from last fall).  I guess when you have a site like this, you fight the cold to get there every chance you can.

But, there’s more.  There often is.  Just this.  Imagine seeing this at 9 inches (without the hole).  Figured I had myself a deep copper and legitimate field tell, but it just says GHH 683 in big letters on the otherside., That may mean something to someone; too bad that someone isn’t me.

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