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So, back to the project, expanding the grid even farther into the field.  At this point, it becomes a simple statistics game — so long as one in 20 coins is a silver, and so long as for every 2 or 3 wheaties or so you get one, keep grinding for the tells, and so long as they continue to come, the modern silver will continue to fly into your pill bottle.  So that’s what we did, and that’s sort of what happened.

But, there’s more.  There always is, except, in this case, there really isn’t.  It was the most grind it out, uneventful hunt that you could ever imagine.   That’s good, at least IMO, as the hard work to prove the site is long done, and the peaceful experience of grinding out a proven site and pulling a random silver is quite pleasant, at least to me.  I know some others would not have this kind of patience, but to me, it is quite soothing.

Except, of course, in this case there really is more, and that is this — no matter how much we have, we always want more. (We economists have a term for this: “human nature”).  And in this case, its about the field.  We think we have a golden site, grid out for the modern silvers, over a 1700s field, and pick up the old silvers as well.  Given that the parts of the modern site seem to have been lightly detected, it seems reasonable to expect that huge sections of the field have never been detected, so we should be expecting to see the capped bust quarters flying into the pouch from the field, shouldn’t we?

But the tells just don’t seem to be there.  I’m in this 1 silver per 2 hour field now for the big fish, but have not gotten great field tells.  No buckles.  No buttons.  No crotal bells.  But I do take the copper from a couple of days ago, and yesterday’s barber dime as a possible old field tell.  But I’d love to see more field tells.  I see a chance at not only another old timer’s half, but a special big fish here.  This field is huge, near an old town, and probably not skillfully detected. But its hard to tell when to suspend the site for greener pastures, or to keep looking for the big fish here.  I guess so long as this one is giving up the modern silver, you press on.  At least that’s how I’ll start next week.

As for the pic above, that green treasure is an IH.  Once again, a reason why I simply do not care about Indian heads here in the acidic soil of Chester County.  But, maybe its a field tell.  Who knows?  Also dug a 1915 wheatie.  Maybe there is hope for the older silver here, but I think it may be too deep for the mineralization.   Three pre 1916 coins, all in one specific area of the field.  Here’s hoping.

One thought on “More Silver

  1. Nice! Nothing better than a large proven site and the enjoyable grind of gridding it out. For me, that might be a one-silver-every-three-hours, or even a bit less. Maybe I need to set my sights higher.

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