Seated Suspense

Back to our recent project, expanding the grid further into the wide open field, and there is sort of a quiet area, at the end where the old timer’s halfs may be, and where the 60s clad is, and a quieter than dead area at the other end, but that end is transected by an imaginary line, if you extend the hot zone along it, so you figure you ought to keep doing both.  Besides, really dead quiet open fields can be good, cause you dig every iffy signal; signals you might not even hear above the din of noisier areas.

So, I decide I’ll go one more rank thru the quieter than dead area and back, and if I don’t get a tell, I’ll bag that end, and spend more time where the better tells are.

I get a few iffy signals down there, all of which are ferrous falses, until I get one that pops out a small grey disk which no doubt is a silver dime.  Not only that, there’s no doubt in my mind that its a seated dime, given how deep and tarnished it is.  Seated dimes are so rare for me (I’ve only found 2 in over 20,000 coins), so I’m pretty stoked.  Problem is that it is caked in dirt, and you don;t want to rub the dirt off in case its a valuable date, cause it will show up as cleaned, so I just stuff it in the pill bottle caked in dirt.

This was early in the hunt, and the hunt goes on without much happening, but at least I’m happy I probably have a seated.  Its all I thought about, and it was killing me not knowing til not only after I got home, but after work as well.  I was thinking of all the things I was gonna write about my seated.

Near the end of the hunt, I got a beautiful deep silver quarter signal nearby, and figured, wow, maybe I have a seated or barber quarter as well, but it turned out to be a clad Q.  Are you kidding me?  Everything seems to read high at this site.

I did get a few more deep silver signals, almost all of which turned out to be clad (the worst was a 09-47 to 01-45 near yesterday’s old timer half that was clad), but as can be seen in the above pic, I did squeak in a few modern silvers at the end of the hunt.  That’s 51 now for this site, my 7th site to reach 50 or more, and best site since last fall.

As for the seated, turned out to be a 1901 barber dime.  D’oh!  I was certain I had one, too.  Well, its only my 23rd barber dime, so I suppose I should be happy, but I really wanted that seated, especially after waiting all day to find out.  Oh well.  Be happy with any silver.  And, at least I had the joy of thinking I had a seated most of the day.

Well, tomorrow is Farewell Farewell Friday (which of course is every Friday at a good site, whether I’m ready to farewell it or not).  Just haven’t been able to do that since the last fall, for any number of reasons, including trying to lose weight, not having good sites, bad weather, or so forth.  Got a great restaurant picked out, and it should be fun.  Hopefully my wife can join me.

Geez, botched that one (would have been better if it actually was a seated), but its month end time, and I’ll be working ’til midnight, so I had to be quick.  Maybe it will look better after the morning edit, but silver always looks good, no matter how tarnished, or lame the writing.

2 thoughts on “Seated Suspense

  1. You had me going there! Thought for sure that was a Seated Dime. Darn it!

    Barbers are cool though. And I bet under all that tarnish it is in great shape. Do you plan to get it cleaned or just leave it as is?

    Well I look forward to your FFF report later today. Hope you get a couple Old Timer’s Halves.

  2. I don’t clean ‘em. I’ve seen people clean ‘em, and they look awful. Part of the history is the state they are in when they come out of the ground. It just a melt value bulk silver anyway, and goes in the safe deposit box with the rest of ‘em for my son.

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