Old Timer’s Half?

Back to the honeyhole, and there are basically 4 choices.  Imagine an L shaped grid that represents the hot zone of recent posts — choice 1 is the inside of the L and is what should be the hottest section, but I believe has been filled.  Out from the bottom of the L is just field, but it goes along an old road towards where an old house was.  Out from the back of the L is field for as far as the eye can see; what used to be old farmland, and where I found yesterday’s copper.  And 4th, just loose ends, connecting the L up to the road, embankments, and so forth.  Wish I should show my Google Earth grid, but I don’t want 50 guys there tomorrow (as if even 5 people read this).

(BTW, here’s an example of how I do my grids for all my sites on Google Earth using the path tool.  Its very handy, tho if I had that CTX 3030, I hear the built in GPS does this automatically; what a sweet feature, if it really works as I would like (this is from another site I don’t care if 50 guys are crawling over tomorrow, have at it)) –

So, the obvious choice is down from the bottom of the L, thru the fields by the old road, towards the old house.  This is also the closest section to the hottest part of the hot zone (the bottom of the L).  But, in a half hour of expanding the grid out that direction, I got zero coins.  Not even clad.  Are you kidding me?  This is 30 feet from a section that gave up over 30 silvers in the past month.  Just 3 high tones — 2 bottlecaps and a piece of copper tubing.  I’ll never figure this game out.  And, assuming the inside of the L is dead as well, go figure?

So,  I cut my losses and expand out from the back of the L into the great expanse of the fields; this is a huge grid rank taking about a half hour for one rank, and things go a bit better.  Clad dime, then a pair of silver dimes back to back.

Near the top of the L is the section where the old timer supposedly buried the halfs, and I actually get one in that area.  Are you kidding me?  It was a weird signal, a 03-46 or 03-48 or something like that, and it turns out to be a silver clad JFK.  I’ve had 28 silver halfs, and 12 clad halfs, but this is my first silver clad half.  Its only 40% silver, but just like a war nickel, it counts (some try to argue that war nickels and other coins with less than 50% silver don’t count, but they can all pound sand.  If it contains one atom of silver, it counts in my book).

So, is this one of the old timer’s halfs?  Who knows?  Its 45 years old, and assuming he was 15 when he buried it, that makes him 60, and that’s about right.  Of course, all the clad in this area was dated 65-71, so it is consistent with that as well.  Occam’s Razor says go with the simplest explanation that fits the facts, and I’m still a bit dubious of that burying the halfs story.  OTOH, for me, silver clad halfs are as rare as bust half dimes, so who knows?  I do know if I find another one over there consistent with the date, I’ll believe the old timer’s story, and think it is really cool.

So, on we go, into the great wide open of the field, and it gets rather quiet, and I keep hoping for a tell that says the action of the hot zone spread even farther into the field, and I get a couple of wheaties, and that’s good, then, also near the old timer zone, I get a beautiful 01-44, which I assume is the second old timer half, and adrenaline is pumping, but it turns out to be a silver Q (not bad of course, but I got this half story in my mind).  I figure at that reading, its gotta be a spill, but it isn’t.  TID is always whacked here, I guess I should just get used to it.

So, perhaps there is some more life at this place, tho it is definitely getting quieter as  I expand out.  Maybe squeeze a couple more out of it, we’ll see.  Then onto the challenge of finding a new place.  That’s the problem with honeyholes, they always end (but I am yet hopeful that I am wrong about the inside of the L being filled).

One thought on “Old Timer’s Half?

  1. What an awesome story if you find another half! War nicks are one of my favorite coins to find. Can be tough if pulltabs are abundant, but typically even pounded out places still have these in huntable numbers (unless they were Etrac hunted). Good tell too, if you are finding those but no other silver. Study of a virgin site could give an idea of ratio of silver nicks to other silver coins. Then one could drive themselves crazy in a pounded out site estimating how much silver USED to be there.

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