Silver From My Newbie Site

I’ve found nearly 700 silvers, most in the past couple of years, but only 5 from this huge, old site that should have more.  Its also the site where I found my second ever silver, back in 2008.  I spent alot of time here as a newbie.

For some reason, I never spend much time here since (prolly cause I ain’t got much silver from it), sort of written off, but I’ve never been there with the skill level I have now, so back I went today to see if I could turn this into a honeyhole.

It went well, as pulled 3 dimes, but I was working the very edge of the site, and in heavy trash.  The targets were actually few and far between.  I’ll definitely have to work this site more, but there is no urgency; I’ve let it sit since 2008 after all, with the occasional random visit and the occasional random silver.

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