Update On That Silver Thingy

Sitting at home watching the snow melt today. unbelievable that others were out detecting in the sleet and snow last night.  My feet get cold and my machine gets wacky.  Some people are certainly more hardcore that I am.

Anyway, I posted pics of that thingy from yesterday to my Facebook group.  Piece of a picture frame, piece or trim of a mirror, trim from a vanity (I don’t even know what a vanity is, but I imagine it is in the mirror space), were some of the guesses.  All sound reasonable to me.  Maybe there are many more pieces of it to be found; I found it very near the end of the day.  We’ll see.  I don’t have much luck on that sort of thing, but I did once find both of a pair of silver earrings.

One thought on “Update On That Silver Thingy

  1. IMHO, neither a vanity (I actually know what that is! Have one sitting on my dresser-although very dusty) or a mirror frame. Notice the one edge is rounded, the other curved and the small hole in the center line. Vanities are not made that small and the edge would be jagged if a piece of one. The hole suggests not a mirror. A nail or fastener would not be mirror friendly. Maybe a picture frame, but very small one. The pieces would all be shaped that way (with the side pieces being a little longer but still shaped the same-straight on one edge to fit in the other curved end, etc) a small brad/nail put in to keep them in each section to keep them interlocked and in place. Just my thoughts.

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