Still Frozen

Tried to get out for the first time this month today.  Valley Forge Park, were I run in the morning, seemed mostly thawed, which made me optimistic, but the site I went to today was totally frozen, which surprised me, since it has full, all day exposure to the sun.  I didn’t bother to try to go anywhere else around here, since there is a thin layer of snow everywhere, which suggests that it is still frozen everywhere.

Thought about hitting a tot lot today.  Haven’t done that since I was a newbie.  Still not that desperate, tho.  When is the last time anyone has found silver in a tot lot?  (Though, unbelievably, I found a V nickel in one when I was a newbie.  Are you kidding me?).

A few guys around here are getting out.  They’ve commented that the ground is not frozen where they are hunting.  I’m not sure where that is, but it must be to the east and south of me.  Some guys also dig the frozen dirt.  I’m not one of them.  I figure I’m gonna run out of silver producing sites sooner rather than later, so might as well enjoy them when it is 70 and sunny.

Supposed to be 50 today.  50 my curvy butt.  Lucky if we get above 39.  But its not gonna get too cold at night, so, if we can get the sun beating down for a few days, it might thaw this week.  In any case, may try to head east tomorrow to a couple sites I’ve worked pretty good, but have not finished, and a couple of prospective sites in the same township.  We’ll see.

So, I’ve spent the downtime working extensively on my music collection  — stressing over important issues such as whether, Elvis, Fine Young Cannibals, or Rusted Root has recorded the best version of Suspicious Minds, and which one to download.  In the unlikely event that you are a big music fan and spend alot of time working your collection, chime in on your opinion of that question (I gave my family a ear test on the question, and discussing the results turned out to be quite interesting).

And, if you don’t have a streaming service, and want a good one, use MOG.  If you click on this link and sign up (its free), I get even more free music (and like MLM, you can do the same).  Shameless incentivized promotion for sure, but what’s the harm?  Its fun to play along once in a while.

Well, this may be the last entry before the ground thaws and I actually find some silver again (unless I do a Wiz-War entry in the meantime, which is well overdue).

One thought on “Still Frozen

  1. My new Detech 13 arrived today. We have about 12 inches of snow on the ground, with night temps predicted below zero Fahrenheit this week. That Detech might not even come out of the shipping box for another 6 weeks yet!

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