Recent Hunts

Have been swamped lately, but have been getting out a bit.  Nothing interesting to write about, just 4 silver dimes (only two pictured), an abused IH, and a religious pendant over 4 hunts, which includes a skunked day.  Like everyone, I have my share of skunked days; I just don’t like logging them. (I did tho, last year, have a streak of 52 hunts with at least one silver coin — I’ll never forget that, and its nice to think about it when things are slow and don’t seem sustainable).

Trying to revive life into sites I had written off under inferior conditions, an inferior machine, and inferior talent isn’t going as well as I had hoped, but I still think the exercise is valuable.  It is giving me a really good sense of how to analyze sites and make the best of my time.

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