New Coil

Got my replacement Detech 13 today.  Nice one KellyCo — no hassles on getting me the replacement at all.

Of course, I can’t use it.  They are saying warmer weather early next week, but I’m not sure it will be enough for the ground to thaw; we’ll see.

My concern is that there is an underlying problem with the engineering of this coil, and it may go bad as well.  Only time will tell.  I once owned a non Minelab machine, and went thru two bad coils on that machine due to systemic engineering issues, and called it a day with that coil, that machine, and that company.  I do not have alot of tolerance for products that fail.  I hope it was just bad luck with my first Detech 13, and not a systemic problem.  If it does fail, I’m not sure what I’ll do for a large coil — maybe a big SEF (also made by Detech, but I’ve never heard of any issues with it).

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