Last Hunt For a While

Looks like I’m done for a while.  They say we won’t be above 30 or for a couple of weeks, and may be getting a big snowstorm.  That’s just as well, I guess, got out today for the first time since Friday, and it was miserable cold.   Ground is starting to freeze — in that state now where the first inch or so is frozen — won’t be long ’til its all rock hard.

Today’s hunt was lousy, 5 wheaties and nothing shiny.  Its a close by site — wanted to go to Friday’s site, but it is far and didn’t want a long drive in case it snowed today.  Today’s site was one I discovered over Christmas week, and have yet to get a silver out of, tho I think I have at least 10 wheaties there.  This is a place one of my acquaintances told me he worked hard for a period of 2 months and dug everything, so I am determined to get a silver out of there, more for curiosity’s sake than anything else.  So far, it looks like he did get them all (the main part is totally dead so far), tho I am getting some deep high tones around the edges of the site.

We’ll see, might be a month or more before I am out there again, and this is a low priority project for when I need something close.

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