Wheatie Fest

Went to a new site today, an old park in the middle of nowhere.  The village it is in is very small, but it has a baseball field on the old aerials, so you never know.

As expected, density was an issue, as I pulled only 2 coins in the first hour of hunting.  At least one of them was a merc — nice to see a merc for a change.  Decided to set up a grid around where I found the merc, and pulled 8 wheaties and no more silver.  Are you kidding me?  Talk about a ratio killer.  And the frustrating thing is that some of them sounded quite good.  One was an 09-48 which I figured for a slam dunk silver Q (turns out there was a pull tab piece in the hole, and I was getting that adding effect due to my deep on, fast off setting).

Outside the wheaties, pulled just 4 other clads, for a total of 13 coins in 4 hours.  And this is a public park.  Talk about low density.  The site is rather large, and just screams for my big unit, which is on its way to KellyCo.  I think this site needs to be tabled ’til I get a new one back, tho I don’t get terribly excited about a 1 in 4 hour site.  Can’t judge a site on just one hunt, tho.

2 thoughts on “Wheatie Fest

  1. I’d be interested to see if you go back to where you were last Friday with the Ultimate Coil, if you could pull out a silver with the stock coil. Or when you get the new Ultimate Coil back if you can get a silver there. But I guess that would just mean you coil troubles started at that time. ?

    I thought I saw somewhere that Detech has a black version of the Ultimate Coil. The white version just does not look right in my eyes.

    95% sure Im going to get the Ultimate in the next month or so. No real hurry since the ground will be frozen until mid March or so around here.

  2. The coil trouble is intermittent. Early one day last week, I went the first 45 minutes without a single target, and the coil was noisy, but the site has very few targets, and the coil is noisy by nature (when I run at man 30, which I almost always do), so I didn’t think much of it, until I had trouble with that wheatie at 4 inches. When I changed channels, it seemed fine. Later that day, or maybe the next day, I was hitting very deep clad, so I think the coil was fine. I don’t know if I can go back there, it is a such a sparse site when all is good, tho there are a few sections left (and in fact, I was getting more targets when I was diligent with noise cancel).

    As for the white coil, I understand it is white to reflect the heat, so it is an engineering decision. I worry about that too, if the coil is so touchy that the color matters, maybe that is a red flag. I note on the days I’ve had troubles, its been quite cold and damp here. Moreso than usual, as I usually don’t hunt in those conditions.

    Hopefully the new one will work fine. I googled around, and didn’t see that anyone else was having troubles with it, so hopefully mine was a one off, and the coil is well made in general.

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