Thinking About Grass and Written Off Sites

One thing my honeyhole of last week, and grassy site of this week got me thinking about, is hit some sites now that were written off, while the ground is wet, the grass is as short as it will ever be, and before the snow hits (which hasn’t really, yet this winter).  As much as I’d like to get back to my honeyhole, it seems safe, as it is a bit out of the box, and it certainly seems no one has hit it in the past two years.

I’ll take my chances now on hitting other sites I had given up on with the V3, while the detecting conditions are ideal. This intel will be valuable while I can get it; if I wait ’til summer, I may give up on them again.

To that end, today I hit a site I had written off with the V3, and pulled a pair of deep silver dimes (no pics today).  This site is no honeyhole; the targets are few and far between, but there is no doubt more silver there for the patient. Its huge, and has been logged for future reference.

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