Everything but the Girl

Frustrating hunt yesterday, and my first of the year without scoring a silver.  And I felt like I got everything right, too.  Was hitting deep wheaties, deep clad, bottlecaps, even a couple of deep 200 year old copper buckles, all the tells you could want, but sometimes you just don’t get the girl.  Oh well.

Based on getting 6 wheaties, I should have gotten 2 silvers, and that is what I expected when the hunt started.  I did, by far, get the most deep coins yesterday of any hunt here (digging 8-9 inch clad is frustrating, cause it can sound so good), and more diligent channel management seems to be helping, but, I think I’ll give this site a rest for a while, and look for greener pastures.  I’ll come back someday, as there are still some edge/out of box sections to do.

I did pull a small (1.5 gr) sterling silver ring as a consolation prize.

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