Deja Vu All Over Again

Well, the weekend sucked.  Was actually warm enough around here to detect, but I dealt with a plumbing crisis all weekend instead.  I rarely get out on weekends, but thought I’d have the chance this time. Oh well.

But today I got out to the same site as Friday, the 50s park with sparse targets where I found a rosie and a copper flat button.  And today, I managed a another rosie and a copper flat button.

The differences were that it was warmer today, and I spent more time out there.

Any hunt with silver is good, but in all honesty, it was a frustrating hunt.  Got the silver early, and then just not even much hope.  I dug a total of just 4 coins in the 2 hours after the silver.  No one, of course, likes digging clad, but just a few more deep ones to break the monotony and give my tendinitis a rest would have been nice.

Did have one heart stopper — after the flat button, which again gives you the hope of a real oldie, cause its was mid-high tone one, I got a beautiful 8 inch deep silver quarter signal just 2 feet away.  Turned out to be a 1969 clad Q.  Are you kidding me?  Talk about dashing hopes.  And the flat button was only about three inches deep.

I don’t know about coming to this park, its only 50s, but there are reasons to believe a real oldie could be hiding here, but I feel like I’m waiting for Godot on that.  I will say that I’ve gotten one silver coin each time I’ve been here, but it feels like pulling teeth.

BTW, the button has a back mark.  Near as I can tell from some half-hearted googling, dates from the 1820-1860 range, tho I am certainly no expert on these things.

One thought on “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. At least you can hunt. As my substitute during our frozen ground time, I studied your Google-Earth overlay article in depth for over an hour on a flight to Cleveland today. Can’t wait to try it, I have two outstanding examples with huge potential. The real nuts and bolts of my off-season planning starts now.

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