Another Frigid Rosie

Got out today to a small park in a neighborhood that was built in the 50s.  Not my first choice, but I was in the area due to other business.  And besides, in each of the previous two trips, this park has surrendered a silver coin, so it is not a hopeless cause (this is the same site where I found a merc on 12/17 (and, no doubt, wrote a very similar entry at the time)).  My theory is that I’m not going to invest time in a new site, which may require permission, and may require return permission, both of which may be awkward, when the weather is miserable and unpredictable.

Today, however, the weather was predictable: it was miserable.  Cold and windy, and the ground was frozen.  Not the sort of rock hard frozen where you need a jackhammer, sort of the frozen like hard ice cream, where you can work a plug if you really want to, but it is a pain in the ass.

Well, I got me a rosie and a copper flat button.  Nine out of ten detectorists would prefer the flat button.  I’m the 10th.  For me, its about seeing the shiny in the hole, that experience.  Puzzle solved.  But the flat button is cool.  It even has the loop intact.  It gives you the hope of finding an old silver, cause it was a high tone target that is at least 200 years old.  Around here, pretty much everything has been farmland since the early 1700s, so you just never know.

I did succumb to the weather with an hour and a half left to hunt.  Oh well.  It wasn’t fun freezing my ass off.  If someone who takes things more seriously than myself and is willing to freeze gets the shiny, that’s life I guess.

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