On the Board in 2013

Just a barely legal rosie yesterday, at a ballfield that gave up a couple of ’62 rosies near the end of last year.  Site dates at least to the 50s, but has been hunted hard.  Its trashy tho, and while that defends some silver, it also mucks with the TID, leading to the inefficiency of digging deep clad.  I had many deep ones that sounded like silver but were clad dimes, sounding good due to the additive effects of nearby trash.  Unfortunately, you have to dig ‘em.

This site isn’t high potential, but its here for now.  Cold winter hunting is sort of throwaway in some sense, cause I don’t know if I’ll feel like going out, or how long I’ll stay out.  The cold did get to me, and I left an hour and a half early to do some errands, and get back to work.  Today looks even colder, so I don’t think I will go out.

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