Muddy and Cold Silver

Today was what we call a throwaway hunt; I had an appointment in a different town that I don’t know well, and know of only one producing site in the area (and have no time to do research), so I always hit the site when in the area.  Its very, very large, and very, very sparse, and rarely gives up the goods, but has given up 2 silver dimes.  I keep a graph paper notebook of all my in progress sites, and add a bit to the grid each time I go, and that is what I did today.

Problem was we had standing water on good parts of the site due to torrential rain last night, and where there wasn’t standing water, it was a muddy mess to dig any target.  To top it off was a hard chill wind at 40 degrees, and snow flurries.  It was miserable.  What we do for silver.

I stopped the grid a after a few ranks, cause I didn’t really feel like digging targets, and I wasn’t finding anything anyway, and freestyled about the site a bit, still finding nothing.  I hate freestyling (except when visiting a site for the first time), cause it is inefficient, and working a grid provides greater discipline — in particular, it forces you to go slow, and you need to go slow to get the deep iffy silvers.

I decided to pack it in, cause I wasn’t having fun, and had some work to do, but noticed an embankment that I’ve never worked before.  I love embankments, they often give up the goods when the surrounding site is dead — and this one did not disappoint: a 1941 merc and a couple of wheaties.

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