Yearly Silver Goal Reached

My yearly silver goal is 30 for the year, and I reached that today, at yesterday’s grassy site.  Another long hunt pulled just one silver, but it was a 1924 SLQ.  These are so fun to find, especially when they have a date (which is barely readable in this case).

The site also surrendered a silver spoon, which was quite twisted when it came out of the ground.  This is the way you usually seem them posted, which makes the one I found last month so special.

While this site has surrendered a walker and an SLQ, it took many, many hours to get those 2 silvers.  This site needs to be tabled until I get an even better opportunity, with freshly-mowed grass, if that ever happens.

Maybe I should talk to the powers that be.  Hey, can you mow that grass down real low, just for me?  We haven’t had much snow this winter; if we get some real snow, maybe it will get matted down more.

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