Pretty Fly For a Silver Guy

Ok, that title was pretty lame, but check this out.  Dug one of the more bizarre things I’ve ever dug yesterday (Wed), a large (13.5 gram) sterling silver fly broach.  Even used to have a stone in it at one time, but it is prolly lost in the hole somewhere.

Who would wear something like that?  Who knows?

This was at one of my better sites, a site that has given up 124 silver coins.  I never really finished it off, but all the unworked zones never seemed to have shown any promise, but I figured I’d give them one more try since I had a bigger coil and more skill.

One of those zones did give up a rosie the day before (Tue), but this was an extremely tough zone to work — it was a very steep embankment.  You wonder why anyone would have ever been on it, but you work it anyway, cause it prolly has never been worked before (especially given the number of silvers found in the hot part).  Tons of high tone trash here, it had definitely never been worked, but it only contained 3 coins.  I worked hard for that silver, cause not only was it steep, it was muddy, and I kept sliding down.

Today I had millions of Christmas errands, including buying some beer for the holidays from my favorite brewery, which put me in a town where I’ve never found one stinkin’ silver coin, despite a few old sites and many, many, attempts.  I just figured the whole town was hunted out — its possible if you live there, and work each site the way I work sites.

But I was there, and there are still some sites I’ve never tried, and I hit one of them today, and, fortunately, the entire town isn’t hunted out, as I scored two rosies and 4 wheaties in short order.  One of the rosies was affected by iron, the type you need an E-Trac with see thru turned on to see, in all honesty.  All of the wheaties were tough and in trash.  The other rosie was a slam dunk, which is nice.  Otherwise, the site seemed pretty hunted out, as there was little easy clad, but it is large, and very trashy, so there is hope for skillful working to squeeze a couple more out.  Dunno when that will happen, as its Christmas stuff and winter weather (or so they tell me), from this point on.

So, it looks like we’ll fall a bit short of 400 silvers this season, assuming I don’t get out much more, but we’ll take this season, of course.  If I don’t have anything more to post the rest of the year, I’ll at least post a recap of my season on New Year’s Eve (assuming the world hasn’t ended, since it is already 12-21-12 in parts of it).

HH and Happy Holidays!

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