I am in quite a slump, having hunted all week without finding a single silver coin.

Tuesday and Wednesday at the same site that gave up 2 silvers last Friday, which I thought had the potential to be a monster site, simply dudded.  Someone better than me had cleaned it out.

Thursday was at an old park in a new town (for me, anyway), that likewise seemed hunted out.  Problem was the bedrock was very shallow, meaning coins could not sink, meaning no advantage for my big unit and E-Trac.  I did find an abused Indian head there (which I don’t get excited about), and there is likely a couple silvers there if I had more patience, I just don’t.

Today (Friday), was a hunt at a church from the 1740s I got permission to hunt.  The churchyard was totally hunted out, not a single high tone to be had anywhere, and I gave it a good three hours.  There is alot more to this story (as those who may have read the pre-edited version know), but that’s that.

In the field behind the church, I did find a liberty cap half cent, my first ever of this type of coin.  Its totally abused.  You can make out that it is a liberty cap half cent in person, tho I could not get a photo that shows it really.  Too bad it isn’t in passable condition; it would be quite a find for me, and something to feel good about during this silver slump.

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