Nice To See Some Silver

With the snow, and not much time to hunt, and no good place, it had been a while since I saw silver.  Three hunts in a row to be exact, but got a few today.

I did get out Friday once I found out it didn’t snow to the south of me, and went to a town south of me, that despite several tries, has yet to give up one stinkin’ silver coin.  I went to a small park that a buddy of mine once said gave up silver, but it had been picked clean — just a couple of wheaties.

Sunday I got out for 2 hours to the site I scouted last weekend — also picked clean, just 2 clad quarters were the only two coins.  That’s the problem with small sites, easy for the competition to pick clean, which I why I generally avoid them.  My technical skills with the E-Trac just didn’t help.  I did find a crotal bell at just one inch, which means it may have been regraded, or another detectorist could have dropped it.  There was lots of deep, high tone trash, just no coins or other keepers.  Oh well.  There is a bit more terrain here, but I don’t think I will be going back.

Still without a place, but the weather today was too nice to stay in and do research, an undertaking that has been quite frustrating lately, so I went to a huge site that had given up 20 silvers, but most zones that are left seemed dead, except one, where I got a stray rosie out of the blue last time I was there.

Got 3 more silvers, all in the first hour, right near where the rosie was.  I imagine they were all one or two events, cause this is an out of the way section, and the rest of it was dead as well.  I’ll take it, but it is more luck that skill silvers.  This is the sort of site that is so huge it would take a lifetime to cover completely, and I don’t really expect to find anymore there, but I guess I’ll be back someday if I am desperate for a place.

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