Opportunity Big Silver

This was a site I had known about for a long while and had been dying to hit, but the grass was always very tall, giving no real opportunity to detect it.  This being winter tho, it didn’t seem so bad today, so I gave it a try.

It was tough working around tufts of grass, but I did manage one silver coin, and it was a big one, a walker, which appears to have been abused by a lawnmower or some other machine (ironically, as they don’t seem to mow this site now).  This is my fourth silver half dollar of the calendar year.

I imagine there might be smaller silver here, but difficult to reach due to the grass.  I also imagine it has been hunted pretty hard; the walker, as they usually are, was at the edge of the site, and there wasn’t too much in the middle, tho it is hard to guess how much use the site got back in the day.

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