Merc Today

Got out for a little over 2 hours to that small corner monument site from last Wed where I pulled that nice SLQ, to finish it off, and managed to pull a ’44 merc.  It was miserable, 39 degrees, and a harsh chill wind blowing.  One silver a day is good; one silver on a day like this is even better.

It was at the end of the hunt, after digging 23 clads (yuck!).  Like most, I hate digging clad, but at a really trashy site, you are not afforded the luxury of passing on any high tone, despite the E-Trac’s legendary TID.

We’ll, we’ll take it.  I rarely hunt on weekends, so weekend silver is nice,  I also took some time to scout a new site (which, by its nature, may only be hunted on weekends, at least for now), and it is small, but promising.  Perhaps a 2-3 silver site, we’ll see.

But, they are calling for snow on Tue, and I have no site for tomorrow, and may have alot of work, so it may be door knocking, random untried sites, or random driving, if I get out at all tomorrow.

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