Playing with turning comments back on.  If you can read this, comments should be working.  Not that I’m expecting many.

If you are not reading this, I had to turn comments back off.

10 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Wow, now that I’ve had one comment approved, I should not have to deal with moderation anymore, and my comment should appear instantly.

    Will it work? Who knows. I’m betting not.

  2. I wanna post too, but I’ve never posted. And I think the blog is better than any of those other morons do. This should go to moderation. Please pick me, please pick me.

  3. Ok, this is the big test, if you can read this comment, comments prolly won’t be turned on for very long going forward. This is a comment with a link in it (typical of spammers), and the system should be eating them automatically without going to moderation.

    If its not, I get 300-400 of these a day to moderate, and its just too much.

    So, lets add a link to my spamhole website so you can buy Viagra or something (are people really so stupid to by prescription grade drugs from a spammer (economists would say yes, cause the spam thrives (BTW, there is a really good paper recently written on the economics of spam; I don’t have the link, but it is one one of the economics papers websites; I disagree with the conclusion, however; I believe a PIgovian tax is the most efficient solution.

    Anyway, you should not have read any of this. If you have, don’t count on comments being around long, but we’ll see.

  4. Well, it seems to be working, at least for now. Comments from new posters will be sent to me for moderation. Comments from posters who have at least one accepted post should post without moderation. Comments with any links should automatically be eaten without bothering me.

    It is unclear what will happen if a comment from a previously accepted poster contains a link. Sort of like can a REMOVE CURSE be cast to remove an opponent’s MIST BODY. Refactoring and rearchitecturing would fix these sorts of uncertainties, but who has the time?

  5. Sure hope it works and can stay turned on, but certainly understand why it might not. We are froze up here (60 degrees F on Thanksgiving, 15 degrees and snowing by midnight that same day, 1 above this AM and the smaller lakes froze. Yay, ice-fishing season, but also means time to clean and protect the Etrac and put it away fro a few months.

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