More Wiz-War Cards

I’ve added yet another collection of Wiz-War cards to my homebrew set.  I’ll be playtesting them this long holiday weekend.   They are less over the top than previous sets, but work to keep important ratios in place.

I continue to think about refactoring the game.  I’m loyal to the original (the classic edition, not the modern edition), but see a simple 10% refactoring/pulling just a few things into the architecture and out of the cards leading to pure magic.  When we play, its almost pure magic — unintended consequences that are resolved rationally, to the wisest wizard.  What if you could do this unambigiously for all combinations in the architecture?

Godel has proved that this is impossible to do for a complex system (and believe me, Wiz-War is a complex system), but just like NP complete problems can be de facto solved approximately in non NP complete time, Godel can be cheated (in approximation) by my minor Wiz-War refactoring.

It would be pure magic, but I can’t due to my loyalty to the original.  Which I guess is ok, cause when we play, the things I speak of are still pure magic.  Its unbelievable.

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