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Not alot going on around here due to the holidays, but I think we can cobble the last few days into an interesting entry, we’ll see.

First of all was a Sunday, 11/18 hunt — I rarely hunt on weekends, but I had some free time, and the site can only be hunted on Sunday.  Its an early 1800s saloon on private property for which I have permission to hunt, but it is tenant occupied (a business); the tenants not there on Sunday.  I know alot of guys get excited about sites like this; I’m not one of them.  The reason is simple — these high profile old sites draw the detectorists out like flies on shit, and they detect em with or without permission, and, with the yards of these sites generally being very small, my advantage of meticulously working a large site is neutered.  I do much better on public property, cause everyone scoffs at it and ignores it.

Anyway, of course you are gonna hunt a site like this when you have permission, and meticulously grid it out I did, nailing a ’26 and ’30 wheatie, and some deep clad.  Problem with sites like this is that the trash is so heavy, you have to dig all the high tones when the TID is jammed, including the deep clad.  Ouch!.  A 1967 dime at 6 inches at a 300 year old site. Well, I’m glad I did the site, and I’m glad I have permission at all of the landlord’s other properties (which, fortunately, are a bit lower profile, but not nearly as old); maybe I’ll hit them after the holiday.

Monday was a historical site I blogged about perhaps 2 months ago or so.  This was a site where I was helping the local historical people find artefacts on the site, and we finally got together where I showed them what I found and where I found it.  I had about an hour left of the site to work, and managed to find another wheatie before they came, and that’s about it.  This site is closed, and that’s that.  I think the historical people are happy, and will be using my intel on the site for further development, either to bring in an archaeologist, make a park, or both.  I’ll blog on any of that if it happens, but that may be quite some time from now.  The best part of this experience is that the historical people know the people who run a local national park, and I may get to detect said national park.  Detecting national parks is illegal, of course, and if I get this, anything I find goes to the people, and of course I’m fine with that; its all about the experience.  In the unlikely event that any of this happens, I’ll blog it.

Later on Monday was trying to develop a new site — a modern park on old farmland which included a community center which dated to at least the 1930s.  I generally have very good luck at sites like this, but struck out completely; not even mustering a single wheatie.  Go figure, when a similar site not more than 3 miles down the road gave up 47 silvers last year.

Tuesday was an intense 13 hour work day.  No detecting for me.  After all this blather, I wonder if anyone is reading (not that I care; blogs are for writers, not readers), but I think it is time to throw some silver in here, isn’t it.

Today was closing out the site from past days which gave up a trifecta just last week, but I figured was dead.  Had to confirm, and hit all the edge zones, and yet another swath thru the middle, and not much, except one edge zone which was totally loaded with deep clad and wheaties, and should have given up a silver or two, but it did not.  Unbelievable site — 2 per half hour run rate in 3% of the site; bupkis elsewhere.  Never seen it before, but what is is, and the site is closed.  97% of a 2 per half hour site just sitting there.  Have at it folks.

But, this entry will end with silver (sheesh, is anyone but a bot reading this drivel?), and I can go contently into the long weekend ending with a silver hunt (tho I don’t track it, I don’t think I’ve had three consecutive hunting days without a silver since Apr 2011).

Hit an out of the box site near the park I just closed, in the same town, one of those corner grassy areas where the streets come together at acute angles, and there is a monument, a couple of trees, and not much else, and you wonder if the competition has bothered.  Looks sorta (well, exactly, without the street name redaction) like this.  You know these sort of places, ever detected them?  I do –

Well, the monument is dated from the 30s.  The monument honors war veterans, so I detect quite a far respectful distance from it. These sort of sites turn out to be like detecting sidewalk strips,  Tons and tons of trash.  You hear the high tone, you work thru a handful of nails, just to dig high tone trash.  Are you kidding me?  It is frustrating beyond belief.

But the site was giving up the stray wheatie (and aforementioned high tone trash), and that is the tell to press on, cause its got silver.  And finally I got me one, a rather nice 1927 SLQ at just 4 inches, at pretty much the end of my (otherwise) 3rd silverless day.

(why am I still posting these pics dirt on?  If you don’t believe my finds, you are not reading me anyway (I post only a small fraction of my finds on the forums).  Its all cause of a few assholes who have doubted me, who prolly don’t read me anyway).  Anyway, it looks better dirt off, doesn’t it (and aren’t SLQs special?)) –

Oh, and BTW, found a silver ring today.  This was at the park from last week that I closed today.  I don’t get all too excited about silver jewelery, tho this one is a bit interesting, as it is stamped at 900 rather than 925.  I wonder if that means its is old.  Oh, and than park is closed at 10 silver coins.  Not a honeyhole, but not bad, we’ll take it.  Here’s the ring (3 grams) –

But wait, there’s more, if you can believe it.  After this train wreck, I have to blog about Wiz-War.  Hopefully it won’t be this bad, but, we’ll see.  And, in regards to metal detecting, I’ve closed a few places over the past few days, but have no place after the holidays. Hopefully I’ll get a new place, we’ll see.

Have a nice holiday, everyone.

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