Big Silver

Man, that’s gotta be my favorite subject line (well, “bust silver” would be better, but good luck on that one).

Anyway, back to the honeyhole, hoping to finish it off today, but it was not to be.  Hitting some edge, less promising zones that remain.  These are the sort of zones that prolly are not detected much, but also prolly don’t hold much, so its a density vs hunted out problem.  Started off hitting a good bit of deep clad and bottlecaps (in contrast with the rest of the site), which tells me its not been hunted much, so its just a question of density in the silver era.

And I got a nice one, a slam dunk CO 48, which turned out to be a 1960 Q. We’ll take it.  A bit later got a slam dunk silver half signal, and sure enough a walker was in the hole.  I can see how this one might have been missed in the past (assuming the zone was detected) — it was in the root system of a bush stump; likely the bush had been there for quite some time, until recently removed.  I love detecting under bushes, often alot of goodies there; even easier when the bush has been recently removed.

(As an aside, you have to picture this section of the site — the absolute corner, bounded on one side by a very busy main road, and on the other by a busy strip mall, quite far from the main part of the site, and a section where many detectorists might feel self-conscious, forgetting the fact that both bounding features generate a ton of trash. Of course, not like that in the silver era, in fact, representing a “flow paradigm” (have I ever blogged about that? Who knows?), where people would walk from their houses to the main part of the site.  Anyway. as long as there was enough density, I knew I had a chance, and I got lucky (well, some is skill too, I suppose).

Well, I wanted to finish the site today, but I didn’t think I could, and an icy wind was biting, so I called it a day after 2 silver coins.  I don’t like leaving an hour on the table, but given that I could not finish the site, and I can tomorrow on Farewell Farewell day, why not?  I don’t expect another silver here, but I’m gonna cover the last part, and we’ll see.  Then its onto next week, where I have permission on private property, but I’ve never been to the site.  We’ll see how that rolls.

But there’s more (those who read my blog regularly expect that phrase from time to time, and they may even get an “are you kidding me”, a bit later).  And that is this –  I rarely blog the days where I don’t find silver (and I rarely have such days), but Tuesday was such a day.

I only got to hunt the site for 2 hours on Tuesday, cause they were using some zones I wanted to hunt for election day voting parking (there’s a clue for all you site jumpers), and I was skunked in the zones I could hunt.  Moreover, I had to call the hunt short so I could get to my voting place, which is far from the site.  Are you kidding me?  Why don’t we have online voting?  I can bank online.  I can trade stocks online.  I can by music online.  But I can’t vote online?  Are you kidding me?  Give me a break.  I’ve co-written an Internet RFC on online security, and while I’m no DJ Bernstein on the subject, I know my way around the security space, both physically and digitally (and I point out that modern countries actually have online voting).  Anyway, the physical security at the place I was required to vote was much worse than any online security would have been.  But, you don’t want an editorial on voting security (be thankful that it was not on the election and all the abject hate on both sides, which makes me wonder why I bother to vote at all).

So, the election day hunt didn’t generate one damn silver.  But, I found a bottle dump on the property.  Some metal detecting guys love bottle dumps.  I’m not one of those guys (but maybe a handful of those guys read me), but I did bring home an old (presumably) bottle, just in case I had nothing to blog.  Even got a natural terrarium in the thing.  Hopefully its obvious why us silver guys aren’t bottle dump guys.

Oh, and to the observant, the Friday Afternoon Album is by Melidian, its the one with On Top of the Rock,  Totally nailed this one, baby!

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