Barber Quarter Today

Back to the honeyhole of recent posts, and further into the less promising zones, and after about 4 hours, had only 3 wheaties to show for the day, but kept at it, and eventually got a deep, crappy signal which I could not pinpoint, and figured more likely than not was ferrous, but was delighted to see the edge of a silver coin at the bottom of the hole.  Worked it free, and was surprised to see an 1895 barber Q.  Missed a seated Q by a mere 4 years.  This is the second oldest quarter I’ve ever found.

Pinpointing failure was either due to heavy mineralization, or something affecting the target (almost certainly the former).  I was lucky to get this one.  Had the site not been a proven honeyhole, I likely would have given up on the day well before 4 hours, especially cause it was brutally cold and windy (for me, anything below 85 degrees is cold :) ).  I did go home with a half hour left, as it was just at the edge of a zone I was finishing, and I did not feel like starting another (although if I did not have at least one silver, I would have pressed on until I had to leave).

I don’t get many barber Q’s (this is only my 8th since 2010), so they are quite a treat.  All have been found on public property, so its not all “hunted out”, as some people claim, at least not around here (tho one was found in Nebraska).  So, that’s that.

Anyway, 50 silvers from this site now, but down to a run rate of 1 per 4 hours.  I have 2 zones left, not promising, but we’ll see if they give anything up going forward.

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