Career Silver #1000

First, hopefully everyone who endured the storm has come thru fine.  The eye of the fucking thing came right thru southern Chester County, a direct hit, more or less.  But Chester County took much less damage than other areas to the east and northeast.  Chalk that up to the cold front that was coming from the west at the same time, trapping the hotter wind from the ‘cane above the tree line, for the most part.  So sorry those further east weren’t so lucky.  We lost power for about 24 hours, and had alot of road closures, but that was the extent of our inconvenience.

I’d write more about the storm, especially about its politicalization, from assholes on both the left and right, but this is a metal detecting blog, and we don’t do “stories” here anymore,. so lets talk about the silver.

And I did manage to get out today after spending the earlier part of the week hunkering down — to the same honeyhole that has been the subject of recent posts, and I scored both a slam dunk Q in an out of the box zone (that really trashy section right next to the road that no one ever wants to detect; it was only 4 inches deep), and a really nasty to recover rosie in the next zone to work; the damn thing was on its side under a pull tab; it took a good 5 minutes to recover — these are the hardest ones, cause you can’t pinpoint em, and they sound good from so many directions.

It was really muddy and cold out there, and my morale was a bit sapped due to the storm and my empath nature, so I only spent 2 hours, but we are still clocking in at one per hour here.  The fact of the matter is, in all honesty, that I should have been doing something to help out rather than wasting the midday jacking my silver count, but how does one?  They say (and “they”, sometimes being fellow economists) that capitalism is the most optimal system for the allocation of resources.  Its on these days that I know that “they” are 100% full of bullshit.  And, just multiply the inefficiency both in order of magnitude, and number of people, and it is disgusting.

Well, enough pontificating.  Just demonstrates, once again, the meaningless of milestones.  But not in the Nordkapp or Mt. Washington sense (i.e, we drive there), cause silver coins are hard to find and take a bit of skill and talent, but it is not the occasion  to celebrate a milestone, so I can’t.

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