1822 Half Reale

A couple of days ago, I was whining about not being able to get into that dead zone of 1800-1890 silver at my current site, when coppers, IHs, and modern silver are present, as well as colonial era relics.  This problem pretty much haunts me at most sites,

But today I got in there with an 1822 half reale.  Technically, its not a “Spanish silver”, but a Mexican coin.  According to my Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins, it is from the “Empire of Iturbide”, whatever that means (I don’t know much of Mexican coinage or history; no doubt it means alot to those so endowed with such knowledge).

For the curious, the coin is the size of an American half dime; slightly smaller than a dime, and thinner.  On the E-Trac, came in at a CO of 35 to 37.  Not something you would normally dig cause its in the dreaded zincoln zone, but if it has “that sound”, and is deep in an old field giving up colonial relics, you gotta dig em all.  Of course, I dug a ton of zincolns today as well.

As much as I love the find, I’d love to nail another American silver of the same age. The universe mocks my every move.

As for the rest of the hunt, of course it was Farewell Farewell day, so the hunt was cut short a bit by a long lunch, but before lunch I pulled a silver Q along with the half reale, and after lunch I pulled 3 rosies, for a fivespot on the day.  Not bad.

The site is now officially a “honeyhole”, having given up 41 silvers.  I have named levels for sites at 3, 7, 14, 21, 40, and 100 silvers (as I said at 14, nevermind).  This is my 9th site to reach 40 silvers; and I’m about 85% done.  High 40s is possible here, tho of course we continue to work from expected most productive to least productive.  We’ll see.

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