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Day started off slow, 3 hours of gridding, and 3 hours of nothing, not even a wheatie.  After three hours, I had about 70 cents in clad, and nothing else.  Most people would have given up, and I would have as well, except that this site has already given up 30 silvers, and is characterized by dead zones and bursty zones.

Eventually got a merc, it was right on the edge of the field against the woods, and not only that, it was in trash.  I almost didn’t dig cause I was so frustrated, but glad I did.

Things picked up from there rather quickly; soon thereafter I got a rosie and a another merc in the same hole, the badly worn merc, then a couple of slam dunk rosies, all in about an hour.  Six silvers in one hour.  Are you kidding me?  Of course, it was also six silvers in 4 hours after 3 in the dead zone, still not too bad.

The last hour was also dead, but I got one beautiful hit that turned out to be a deep clad dime.  Not sure why I keep getting fooled on these here — I think the mineralization is goofy here, or something.  The good news is that the dead last hour was less dead than the first 3, got a couple of wheaties and some deep clad, and was leaving tons of clad in the ground, in contrast with the first 3 hours, so there is still hope for this zone for a couple of more.  We’ll see.

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