Seven More Silvers

Yesterday’s hunt at the same site as recent hunts gave up a pair of mercs and a 11.57 gram silver object; I have no clue what it is (other than that it is big and silver, and that works for me), but someone suggested that it was some sort of jewelry that a woman would put in her hair.  Maybe, who knows?

Yesterday’s hunt was a struggle ’til the end, where I got one merc in the zone I was working, and with a little time left before I had to get back, was freestyling thru a zone I had little hope for, and got the other one.  That merc opened that zone up for me.

And today I hit it, and did quite well, pulling 5 silvers.  The day started off quite slowly; I pulled just 3 coins in the first 90 minutes — fortunately the first one was a rosie.  Getting a silver early really helps your morale thru these tedious and slow zones, and it often pays off.

I kept working it, and eventually got some targets, mostly deep clad, but deep clad is good, says the competition hasn’t hit it that hard either now nor in the 80s, and also says something may have been going on in this section back in the day (the site is a huge, nondescript field).  Eventually got another rosie and a barber dime.

I’m thinking trifecta now, and had I gotten it, I would have written a blow by blow story of how I pulled it out in the last 3 minutes like my double digit day, but since I didn’t, I guess I won’t, except there was still plenty of drama, so I will anyway.

With about 75 minutes left, I got a deep, jumpy signal, that sounded pretty loud, with alot of bounce to FE 01, and lots of CO 47+.  These are almost always silver half dollars, but I figured it could be a merc, but it turned out to be the silver Q. I’ll take it.  Got 3 other beautiful silver dime signals, one with just 15 minutes to go, but two of them turned out to be deep clad dimes, while one was another rosie.  Oh well, missed the trifecta, but 5 silvers is still nice.  One thing about this section is that the ground is really crappy, giving me an auto rec in the teens, which makes the TID iffy, and is probably why these last few targets fooled me.  Also probably explains why this section was so loaded; my machine/program may be better suited to it than others.

Also an indian in there that I pulled, rang at CO 30, and is totally abused.  It is an 1886.

One thing about this site is that it had some modern silver era use on top of a field that dates to the colonial era, which explains the finding of modern silvers over stuff like the KG II copper and 1803 LC I’ve found.  I love sites like this, cause the modern silver keeps you going, while you dream of the big fish.

But they can also be frustrating.  I always seem to get the coppers, and colonial era relics, but nothing in that mid-range, say from 1850 to 1890.  Just can’t get in that dead zone (better known as the seated era), for some reason.  And that’s the zone I really want.  Don’t understand it really.  This site had 1950+ usage, but before that was just a field.  If I can get coppers, why not something from the dead zone?  Did get two kinda dead zone coins today, the 1886 IH, and the 1911 barber dime (which also pre-dates any but farm field use), but where are the seateds?

Well, there is still some even less promising real estate here left to cover, maybe I can get something from the dead zone one of these days.

As for colonial era relics, outside of countless buckles, I got a crotal bell, and a small button that was really deep (telling me the machine is hitting deep, very small conductive targets here, so where are the seated half dimes?).

And finally, today’s silver cleaned up, which doesn’t look much better, given that most of it is tarnished.  But hey, will take it.  Its beautiful to me.

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