Rainy Day Silver

Finally managed to get permission at a site I have been trying to do so for quite some time (problem was always trying to find someone there).

Got 7 wheaties and an abused rosie in 90 minutes before the rain hit.  My E-Trac hates rain (the buttons stop working), so that was that.

The site has been hunted quite a bit before (and they told me that), but it is large, so hopefully I’ll get a few when I have a few more hours to put into it.  It did seem a bit dead tho, nothing but really deep coins, none of that mid-level and deep clad, trash, and especially bottlecaps which tend to be the tells of a honeyhole.

Original estimate was that it could be a 50-75 silver site, but we’ll dial that back to 20 for now.  We’ll see what a couple of good days of hunting reveal if I get the chance.  Could be dialing down the estimate even more.

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