Huntsaver Rosie

Today was Farewell Farewell day at my recent site, the gist of which we described yesterday, and Farewell Farewell day is usually fun cause of the local interaction, local food, and local beer, but the metal detecting generally sucks due to the fact that when farewelling a site, its usually a cleanup of loose ends and corners of the grid, sounding of very low probability zones, if there are any left, and so forth, and they rarely seem to give it up, but we do it out of completeness, a) cause its the anal thing to do, and b) Farewell Farewell is tradition, and c) twice I’ve pulled silver halves in those unwanted zones, and another time pulled an SLQ and another time a merc, and nothing rocks the house more than pulling silver in the early part of Farewell Farewell day out of those crap edge zones, then going off to the downtown or village for local food and drink to celebrate.

But today wasn’t like that.  This site has been tough, the 6 silver day a week ago notwithstanding.  I got nada in the morning, and more nada in the afternoon, til I dropped a rose with just 9 minutes left before I had to return to work, in a very improbable zone.  We call those last minute silvers a “huntsaver”.  We’ll take it.

The fact of the matter is that this site is so huge it would be impossible to ever grid it out in a lifetime, and I know nothing of the low probability zone I just scored in, so maybe there is more, but I need to Farewell Farewell this place and move on for now.  I’ll probably be back someday, tho.  20 silvers including a reale is the final count from here.  Not bad for a hunted out site.

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