Barber Half + Dime Trifecta

Met up with an acquaintance who wanted my killer E-Trac program (which I gave him), for some door knocking.  We were 0 for 3 on the door knocking (I wonder about these folks who claim an 80% success rate; I certainly don’t doubt those claims — I guess it means I should have gone to finishing school or something (I certainly dress well, try to look well-groomed, and all that stuff)).

Anyway, we decided to hit a site that we’ve both pounded in the past, but I told him that I’d pulled alot of barbers out of there with the E-Trac, so lets see if there’s one more.  We both did pull a barber dime, and he pulled a silver quarter and some bling as well. I also pulled a pair of IH’s.

He had to go, and I decided to do the same, but there was still some daylight left, and I passed by a site on the way home that I had hit with a V3 a couple of years ago, and came up totally empty, so I had written it off then.

Good thing I decided to give the E-Trac a go at this site, as I pulled a 1894S barber half, and a couple of dimes to complete the dime trifecta.

This is my oldest barber half, and my third in less than twelve months, all on public property.  This one is certainly one of my best coin finds ever.

This site is now “opened up”; we’ll see what the E-Trac can do here that the V3 couldn’t. (In all fairness, while I think the E-Trac is in a different league than the V3 when it comes to silver (having tested both side by side on the same targets), the V3 came up empty here when the ground was drier, and the grass was taller, so not a fair comparison).

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