Six Silvers Today

I wasn’t able to get out much this week, due to work, and the weather, but today I managed to get out in the beautiful weather for about 5 hours, and had quite a lucky day, scoring 6 silvers, including a walker, and a pair of bison, dated 1927 and 1935.

Two of the dimes were in the same hole.  All were very deep.  The walker was about 9 inches, and came in as a silver quarter silver pretty much, but was bouncing around.  I’ve gotten 19 silvers at this site, and aside from a 1 reale, all have been dimes.  I was hoping for my first quarter, and was shocked.  I actually thought I had junk when I got down to it, cause I hit a rock right above it that was black and looked like metal junk.

The walker marks my 13th silver half dollar of the year.

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