Another Good Turn

Yesterday I alluded to today’s schedule being another good turn, and that was this — a local historical society contacted me recently about detecting a property of theirs to look for a specific artefact, and a specific class of artefacts (I alluded to this a few weeks ago).

I’m of course gonna be vague, cause any detectorists who read this will be on it like flies on, well, you know, if I give details, but today was the day I finally met up with these people at their property.

I did not find the specific artefact.  In fact, after reading the site, and my research, I suggested that it was unlikely that such would be found.  But the other class of artefacts was an outside possibility, so I spent a good three hours kicking around the property.  I did not find anything in that class of artefacts either, but, I did find something in the class of the original specific artefact!  Are you kidding me? I wonder if that even makes sense?  I dunno, and it was totally unexpected, but I am totally stoked, and hope the historical folks like it.  (Maybe someday I’ll write up the details — too bad about all the ‘holes out there who would jump the site prevent a writeup at this time).

I also found a handful of coins on the property, none more than an inch deep – a 1918 merc in very nice condition, a pair of indians (1905 and 1907), and three wheaties, the newest a 1920.  I don’t know if they will want these or not, but of course I’ll offer them.  Outside the merc, they are pretty abused, tho the one IH is at least recognizable.

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